Maggotfest 2022

The 45th Annual Maggotfest will be held the weekend of May 20-22, 2022.

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Welcome to Maggotfest 2022

Maggotfest is a world famous rugby tournament hosted by the Missoula All-Maggots Rugby Club, since 1977, in Missoula MT, USA. The emphasis at Maggotfest is on both the competition of the sport and on the social aspects of rugby. Clubs attend from all over the world, US and Canada. Maggotfest regularly features top first and second division clubs looking to test their skills, as well as social sides out for good matches and good times. Teams are encouraged to not only play great rugby, but are HIGHLY encouraged to win the party, wear costumes, play with sportsmanship, and have fun!


45th Annual Maggotfest | May 20-22, 2022

48 Rugby Teams

Including: Mens, Womens, College, & Old Boys.

3 Matches per Team

2 games Saturday. 1 Game Sunday. 30min Halves

Entry fee $500

20 Player Roster - First Paid, First Accepted

Free Beer All Weekend

$20 Cups - Refills Available at Pitch, Downtown, & Party. 21+ ID Required.

Tournament Information

About Maggotfest

Maggotfest is 15s for all divisions, not 7s.

Maggotfest is a festival-style social rugby tournament, not a bracketed tournament: We try to match teams of similar abilities that would not normally get to play each other (Ex: from opposite ends of the country). If you’re in it to win it, the coveted trophies are Most Honored Side and Best Play on the Pitch (see below for details).

Every side gets two games Saturday, and one Sunday. Each match consists of 30min halves.

48 teams: Men’s, Women’s, College, and Old Boys.

There's plenty of opportunities for additional games, as this is a rugby whore's paradise or simply a social ruggers dream festival.

Most Honored Side

As always, we look forward to giving away the Most Honored Side Trophy. Over the years we've given the award to such great sides - teams that have played well but have also been a pleasure to host. Many teams play hard but forget that rugby is more than game. The sides that stand out may not win every game, but they make everyone smile when they remember Maggotfest. We want to give your team the trophy this year.

Host Side & Touring Clubs

We have games Thursday evening too. The Maggots will play an invited Host side (would you be interested?). The Flies (Maggots over 35), the university men and women each have a Thursday night game. This is followed by a great pig roast and drink up with a beer trailer full of Big Sky Brewing kegs right at the pitch. All free to the host sides. Afterwards downtown to Bodega, our host bar, after dark. It's a great time!

Previous guest teams have been top clubs from exotic locales such as England, Arizona, New Zealand, Australia, New Jersey, Canada, to name a few. If your club is interested in being the Host Side at a Maggotfest, let us know as soon as possible, since this slot gets filled early.

The Maggots have a tradition of taking the host sides down the Lochsa River on a white water rafting trip on the Friday of Maggotfest with Lewis and Clark Trail Adventures. This is a really awesome wilderness adventure, but it is also big whitewater, and as such has dangers associated with it. This must be taken seriously, and is not for everyone. The cost is ~$60. All that said, we’d love to have anyone that would like to go. There are usually about 5 Maggots that go along. Please contact the whitewater trip ogranizer to learn more.

If you'd like a hand setting up a tour on your way to Fest, let us know. We have lots of connections in Montana, western US, northern Rockies, western Canada, and the Pacific NW.

Registration Details

Cost: $500 / Team

How to Sign-Up:

The entry fee $500 US for a 20 player roster. (Contact us if you will have more than 20 players). Click Register Now button below to sign up and you will be presented with options to pay online via Squareup, or mail a check to Box 8704, Missoula, MT 59807

Teams will be accepted on a first paid basis.

Whats Included:

  • 3 Rugby Matches - 2 Saturday, 1 Sunday.
  • Free Beer All Weekend
  • Maggotfest Trophy
  • 20 Social Tickets to the Legendary Saturday Night Party
  • Downtown Drink Ups


We have to have an even number of teams for each division (Men’s, Women’s, Old Boys). If you are the last to sign up and odd numbered, you will be placed on a wait list and be notified. If we are unable to get you in, your entry fee will be refunded in full.

USA Rugby Requirements:

Maggot Fest is a USA Rugby sanctioned event and all participating teams need to meet the following requirements. We have to submit the list of teams participating 6 weeks prior to Fest, so please get this done asap (late team adds will be accepted, as long as you meet the following requirements and USA Rugby OKs you). US Teams: It is critical that you convey to the Maggots your exact team name as listed at USA RUGBY ROSTERS, as this is the team name we will be submitting to USA Rugby; no abbreviations, slang, etc. Any teams that USA Rugby identifies as not in compliance will be notified and will have to attain compliance or will not be allowed to participate.

  • For US clubs, other than touring/motley sides: You must be listed as “Current” at USA RUGBY ROSTERS.
  • International Clubs, including Canadian clubs, and including international touring/motley sides, must provide a permission to tour letter from your national union to USA Rugby at; permission to tour from a local area union will not suffice. Rugby Canada is very familiar with this process and will send the letter directly to USA Rugby. Start early, as this process usually takes a long time! See this page for more detail.
  • US touring/motley sides: You need to turn in a list of USA Rugby Member players (min of 15 that are registered with USAR, and a Level 200 coach registered with USAR) playing with your team to

General questions, not related to touring sides or tours, can be asked at, or contact the Maggots. See for additional details

Fort Missoula Regional Park


Maggotfest games are held at the amazing Fort Missoula Regional Park (see below for directions), with 8 full size high quality pitches. This is one of the premiere sports complexes in the country.


Checkout photos from Fest 2018 Here

Notice: The City of Missoula Parks and Recreation Department has the final say as to whether the fields at Fort Missoula Regional Park are playable or not. The Parks and Rec policy specifies the criteria for rain delays and cancellations.

The Maggotfest Social

Beer Details

Free beer all weekend for ruggers only. Cups are $20 and available at:

  • Thursday Night Matches
  • At the tournament Sat/Sun in the Beer Garden
  • Friday at Monks
  • Saturday Night Party
Players buy one cup, and we fill it all weekend, for free. Saturday night party at the fairgrounds is open to the public, and beer is free; $10 entry for non-ruggers, $10 for a cup. You must be 21 to drink. ID required.

Friday Downtown - Monks & Bodega

Team sign-ins available downstairs at Monk's Cave. Drink up at Monks & Bodega

The Party - Missoula Fairgrounds

One of the unforgettable events (but then again, many people claim they can't remember a thing) of Maggotfest is the Saturday night party, which needs to be experienced to be believed. The Saturday night party begins at 8:00 PM at the Llama Barn at the Missoula County Fairgrounds and is open to the public. $10 entry fee, $10 cup, live band, and free beer all night. Entrance to the party at the north end of the fairgrounds, along South Ave. The spring air could be on the chilly side, so make sure your lads and lasses dress accordingly.

Tickets into the party for players over the 20 in the team packet are $5 each. Can buy online, at the Friday party, and at the fields on Saturday.

BE SAFE - Do NOT Drink and Drive

Have a designated driver. For the Saturday night party: A Shuttle bus will run from downtown, across the street from the Missoula Club back, and forth to the Fairgrounds every half hour, on the hour and half hour.

Other Options:

  • Missoula Green Taxi: 406-728-8294
  • Yellow Cab: 406-543-6644
  • Montana Uber

So You’ve Paid Your Money, Booked Your Flights and Prepped your Liver...

Schedule of Events

The Fest will open this year with the Famous Friday Night Drink-Up which will start at 8:00 at the at the Monk’s Club (downstairs from the Bodega Bar). We look forward to pouring your club a few beers and getting them into the Fest Spirit! Captains can sign their clubs into the Fest and collect team packets. Your packet will have a schedule for your games on Saturday.

Matches start @ 10: 00 AM, Saturday. Each match will have two 30 minutes halves with no injury time. In order to keep on schedule, referees will whistle up the game at the appointed hour, so please have your team ready to play on time. This year, the games will be at the new Fort Missoula Regional Park, just a few blocks west of where they’ve been the last 20 years. Fort Missoula is located on South Avenue, just west of Community Hospital. Basically, find South Avenue and Reserve St, head west until you hit the roundabout and you’re there.

Sunday’s games begin at 10:30. Sunday matches will be posted on the Schedule Board at Fest Central on Saturday afternoon. Captains, it is your responsibility to find out what time your match is on Sunday, and have your team ready to play!!! If you will not make your Sunday match, the time to tell us is on Saturday!! If you do not make your Sunday match, your team will not be invited to the MaggotFest the following year!

Saturday's party begins at 8:00 PM at the Llama Barn at the Missoula County Fairgrounds. A Shuttle bus will run from downtown (across the street from the Missoula Club back and forth to the Fairgrounds every half hour, on the hour and half hour). The spring air could be on the chilly side, so make sure your lads and lasses dress accordingly.

If you need anything, feel free to contact this year’s Fest Fixtures Chair: John “Otto” Oetinger at 406-370-7583 or my co-chair, Lance Osler 406-552-2001. Call or text if you have a problem.

We’ll be at registration Friday night and around the fields all day on Saturday and Sunday. Customer service is our motto, so let us know if we can help you have a great time at the Fest!


Unfortunately, even MaggotFest has rules. Only some are our idea - most are the law! Here they are and please inform your players. Trying to host 1000+ rugby players is big job and we need all the help we can get.

  • No glass at the fields
  • No smoking at the fields
  • Do bring an ID. The Montana drinking age is 21 and we will not serve beer to players without ID's.
  • Do NOT camp on the fields.
  • No Nudity at the fields.
  • Leave you dogs at home.
  • Do NOT Drink and Drive.